Instant Karma dials up the dirty

Instant Karma gives Cappa’s Next Ex the XXX EDM treatment.


If ever a song was made for the one-night lust of a weekend night out, it’s Cappa‘s recent single Next Ex. The title alone gives you a pretty clear indication, but musically the track was a little too slow to be the weekend soundtrack it could have been. Instead, it settles for just being an oddly feminist ode to sexual desire and power.

Fortunately, female DJ duo Instant Karma saw the potential for a weekend party track and gave us this phenomenal Cappa x Instant Karma remix. While the synths in the original were content to dissolve into seductive passion and lay a musical bed of roses for the breathy vocals, this remix gives everything a dose of sonic steroids. The bass is meatier, the beat is more consistent and the vocals have been adjusted to offer the kind of vocal variety you can only ever real get from extensive mixing manipulation.

In particular, Instant Karma has gone hard on the sexual nature. Where the original was passionate and seductive, this is a lot more sexually suggestive. The moments of inhalation from the original are accentuated to maximum effect, while the chorus is even delivered in a way that works XXX into it. This track isn’t especially subtle in its subject matter, but it doesn’t need to be. This is a track that dishes everything directly to your ears and holds nothing back, which is exactly what you want from a song like this.

It’s not very often you come across female DJs, let alone ones that have this much talent. Instant Karma might be just what the world needs after the mockery Paris Hilton made of female DJs not too long ago.

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