Disco-pop for everyone

Courtship’s latest single is the kind of 80s-inspired pop that makes you question your taste.


The 80s were a very divisive period in time. Most of us will look at the time, whether we were alive or not, and cringe at the fashion and musical choices. However, it’s recently been a huge source of inspiration for many pop-aspiring artists. Usually this inspiration remains in the boundaries of electro or pop-funk, but the latest single by Courtship takes the 80s obsession one step beyond.

Love For Everyone, from chugging rhythm section to bright synth flourishes, is so deeply indebted to the disco scene of the 80s that it almost becomes a guilty pleasure. Courtship keeps everything sounding modern but it is impossible to completely shake the 80s throwback vibes. That isn’t to detract from the skill of Courtship — it takes talent to make a song so infectious and uplifting and compact 80s disco into one enjoyable four-minute track. The vocal display alone is awe-inspiringly powerful and well delivered.

The instrumentation is as enjoyable as anything inspired by the 80s could possibly be. Whether people consider it a guilty pleasure or proudly proclaim it their jam, Courtship is onto a winning formula of killer melodies and larger-than-life choruses (not to mention the fact that they give this quality away for free download). This is only the beginning.

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