Trudy toe the line

New single from Trudy and the Romance is most challenging track yet.


Trudy and the Romance is always something of an abrasive listen. The outfit prides itself on its peculiar sound, which is only ever described as “mutant 50s pop”, and generally there’s a palatable balance in the track that leans more to pop than mutation. On latest single Sandman, however, Trudy has ramped up the mutagens for a track that may prove divisive.

Sandman is undoubtedly the least radio friendly inclusion in Trudy’s catalogue, picking out the bones of what they specialise in and adding in an overwhelming sense of chaotic dissonance. The band pile a lot of powerful and busy instrument sections into one impenetrable wall of sound of frantic drum rhythms and warped guitars. Yet for the undeniable strength of the track, it is one that will be unlikely to win many new fans for the band. Instead, this is a track for the die-hard romantics of the band that have long loved and followed Trudy’s journey.

It is a bold artistic statement from Trudy, and one that becomes infectious on repeated listening. Whether many people give it those listens is debatable, but Trudy should – and probably will – be proud of this track regardless.

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