Indie hits the club

New track from Jakil is a club-ready indie-pop hit.


It’s not often that you stumble across an indie-pop track that feels like it would be right at home in a club playlist without a necessary remix. Yet that is what Jakil has achieved with latest offering Unforgivable, a track that features pulsating synths, glowing horn sections and an equally noteworthy video.

The track plays out like a beautiful blend of indie, dance, pop, chillwave and electropop without any obstructions to enjoyment. While it bounces along unceasingly, there is no clashes between the sounds to create conflict. Instead Jakil serenade us with well-rounded vocals that tie together the listening experience into a song that feels perfectly natural, making this an exemplary track for any artists eager to understand how to perfectly carve a unique dent into the world of modern music.

Its accompanying video is equally noteworthy, as it’s not every day that an artist opts for a stop-motion montage of photographs to tell the story of a single. However, this time around it certainly fits and captures the upbeat, good-times vibes of the synths.

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