A moment of ecstasy

New track from darkDARK is menacingly good pop.


There’s only so much variety that can exist in the pop genre at any one time. If an artist is wise, they’ll put their own slant on things without being too disruptive. If they’re cash smart, however, they’ll just follow the herd and be utterly indistinguishable as they cash in. Needless to say, everybody really prefers the former.

For example, darkDARK has just dropped her latest single Moments, a track that takes conventional pop soundscapes and makes them feel just a little bit more sinister. The combination of a reasonably raspy voice with reverb-lined vocal melodies is just one part of the black magic that is cast on this track. It seems like darkDARK has set out to bring a sense of menace to the recent trend for ethereal-esque pop, making everything feel deliberately dark in tone as the track rolls out the traditional trademarks of contemporary pop – simplistic key-driven melodies, rhythmic vocal sampling and a chorus introduced with a big bass drop.

Fortunately, this tonal shift makes all the difference and darkDARK’s special strain of menacing alt-pop is sure to crawl its way into the unsuspected hearts of those who listen.

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