The best Katy Perry track in years

EDM favourite Hellberg remixes Katy Perry’s California Girls and makes it massive.


Hellberg is one of the most talented artists in the EDM genre right now. Aside from knocking out a seemingly unstoppable run of killer original singles, he also has a knack for turning hit pop singles into unstoppable EDM beasts. This time around, the master has turned his attention to Katy Perry‘s famous California Girls.

While it would be easy for most artists looking to remix a song by Katy Perry to just lift her vocal and put it over the end result to make it more accessible to fans, Hellberg doesn’t like to do things the easy way. Drastically dropping the tuning on Perry’s vocal, the strength of this single instead comes from the constant pulsating beat and the larger than life drops that make the post-chorus the track’s most exciting moment. It’s rare for a remix to be indicative of an artist’s strongest parts, but this one succeeds in showing that what sets Hellberg apart is his sonic daring and musical mastery. This needs to be a staple of all club soundtracks for the remainder of 2016… or at least until Hellberg drops his next original.

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