A final farewell of epic proportions

Parlour Tricks come to a gracious ending on new EP.


There is bound to be a lot of mixed feeling among fans of Parlour Tricks. The band’s new EP, (what i think about when i think about) BODIES, may be their final release before they disband, but it certainly doesn’t lack in style or quality. Rather, it acts as a culmination of their finest qualities: a symphonic bonding of transcendent vocals and beats. As a swansong, it is glorious. But this may still be salt in the wounds of some fans.

From the opening track Leave Your Light On, audiences are welcomed by a tidal wave of transcending female harmonies that are able to whisk us away from reality. Compared to the other tracks on the EP, it is certainly a more ‘poppy’ sound, indicating how they are able to expand outside of the alternative rock genre – fusing together pop and rock to create a distinct tone. Combine this with a brilliant build of tension throughout, culminating in the ecstatic release of the chorus, and it is clear that Parlour Tricks have set out to make a lasting impact.

Likewise, the EP on a whole sets about leaving fans with anthems to sing in their absence. Take Need Somebody, for example. Rather than offering up soft vocals, the chorus is more of that of an anthem, encouraging you to belt out the words and chant along. However, as anthemic as it is, it is almost samey throughout – offering little variety from start to end and feeling safer than the opening number. Despite this, as far as pop-rock songs go, its appeal shines through the repetition.

On the other hand, Ugly Ways shows a more subdued, sombre side to the band, offering up a melancholy balladesque song. Again, harmonies are cultivated perfectly as a way of maximising the power of the lead vocals, while still being able to match the tone without being overbearing. This loans the track a psychedelic quality, with the angelic vocals paired against a simple driving drum beat. This constant percussive beat combined and whimsical feel adds a sense of purity, reminiscent of something religious almost.

On the whole, BODIES showcases the passion and artistic capabilities that Parlour Tricks possess. By covering a range of sounds, their final EP waves off their music career with a momentous goodbye. It is a lasting testament to the band’s combined ability as musicians that they are bold and creative enough to produce something so distinct, yet still easily digestible for fans, to conclude their story. You couldn’t ask for a happier ending.

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