Success is In The Cards

Melodic alt-metal act return with phenomenal new single.


Having your tracks on Spotify is the modern musical equivalent to being offered a record contract. While there are many other streaming alternatives, Spotify is the definitive one and it, to an extent, validates the existence of a musical project. So, when a band first appears on the platform, their first offering better make a positive lasting impression.

Despite having been together for several years, melodic alternative-to-metal outfit In The Cards have only just made their first step into the world of Spotify with their latest single Mazes. This is a very good thing. That is not to imply that their previous material was not worthy of the platform, but it is only on their most recent single that they have developed their sound into something coherent, exciting and distinct. As powerful as the riffs always are, and as melodic as the vocals prove to be, there has always been a risk of assimilation into the mass of alt-metal sounds.

Mazes changes that, reinforcing the solid rhythm section and vocal melodies with electronic influences. While these distorted electronic sounds only make a brief appearance, they add enough of a fresh element to the music to avoid any sense of stale sounds. It’s a step in the right direction, particularly for a band with such vast quantities of talent. Mazes is a bold and determined single, one that is certain to leave a good first impression to Spotify listeners.

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