All hail the queen of rock

New EP from GRIT is packed with bashful guitar playing and iconic screaming.


LA Don’t Love Ya by GRIT is perhaps exactly what you would expect when you come across the EP’s title: a collection of punchy, bold rock songs. Forget the women of pop, GRIT demonstrates how ‘girl power’ can take over rock just as well.

Hailing from America (LA specifically), GRIT are able to offer up a powerful combination of raspy cut edge vocals and some as equally cut throat guitar riffs giving climactic moments of release to the predominantly upbeat offering. The audacious nature of the EP can be seen as being almost daring in today’s culture, although it is also fitting of past American rock n roll. Despite being past the era where rock n roll was predominant, GRIT deserve to be placed among the greats.

The rawness of the opening New Car is something that is weaved on throughout the EP, even to the closing song LA Don’t Love You. By using growling vocal screams and bashful guitar playing, GRIT are almost chaotic in their sound since they throw away any form of musical rigidity or structure. However, this is not to say that the chaos is in any way bad – it is something that adds to the emotional vulnerability of the record. As lead singer Kat Meoz explains how New Car was a “way to move on from my shock” of a failed friendship, it is clear how the chaos is just a mass of entwined thoughts.

An issue with creating an almost niche sound is that it can have the potential to feel a bit samey within itself. Although GRIT are different to most artists around today, their uniqueness may be a pitfall somewhat. Without being one to pick fault, the brash vocals and sound may be to some strung out across the piece.

Along with girl power, an ability to deliver catchy lyrics and punchy melodies is driven home from GRIT. By fusing together the rawness and emotion of love with the abrasion of garage rock, they deliver an EP that is addictive and captivating due to its striking persona. ‘LA Don’t Love Ya’ may only be the debut for GRIT, but it definitely gives them a reputation of being a strong rock band running on high-octane. Looking for emotional intensity and dirty blues? This one’s for you.

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