The ballad of Trump’s wall

New music video from Anthony D’Amato delivers stunning social commentary.


Far be it for a music publication based in the UK to weigh in on the political clusterfuck catastrophe that is taking place in the US at the moment. Instead, we’ll channel our feelings through the medium of music and videos – and Anthony D’Amato perfectly captures our sentiment in his latest single, subtly titled If You’re Gonna Build A Wall.

The song itself is beautiful in its own right, channeling the sounds of Heathen Chemistry-era Oasis in a more Jose Gonzalez-esque manner to create a song that is both intrinsically stunning and utterly captivating. But what the song lacks, and rightly so in order to not be preachy or set in time, is weighty and cutting political commentary. Fortunately, this is where the new music video steps in. Delivering subtle stabs at our (least) favourite political Oompa Loompa through the multiple choice answers (and less subtle jibes through the Trump University setting itself and the simplistic questions), the video is a rare example of a music video that takes an already-great song into the realms of brilliance.

Long after the election is over, this track and video will live on as a respectable piece of socially astute art.

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