The mellow sound of Autumn

New EP from Linying is the pristine soundtrack to Autumn.


Having spent the last couple of years working with various big name electronic artists (via the miracle of long-distance collaboration) – gaining over 20 million hits and a prestigious feature at Coachella in the process – Singapore-born Indietronica act Linying is about to step out on her own with her debut EP Paris 12.

With a ghostly, piano-led sound reminiscent of Birdy, the release showcases the beautifully stark, ethereal quality of Linying’s music across its five tracks. Lead single and opener Sticky Leaves is perhaps the most fully realised example of this, as haunting, chiming piano chords linger and reverberate as her almost angelic vocals wrap around the reflective poetry of its candid lyrics – “For every wreck, I still believe in the greatest life,” she laments, “you don’t know a thing about the things I’ve done.”

The rest of the EP follows in a similar vein; the Bon Iver-esque Grime, for example, evokes images of the ocean with its rolling, swelling synth pads, whilst Alpine manages to successfully meld the quiet ballad form with tasteful drum and bass beats. The only real flaw here – if it’s the sort of thing that bothers you – is all tracks are of a similar unhurried tempo and hushed instrumentation, meaning upon repeat listens it can act more like a lullaby than was perhaps originally intended.

Pristine production and with a mature approach to songwriting not usually seen in emerging artists, Paris 12 has arrived just in time to be the mellow soundtrack to the Autumn months.

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