The ultimate electronic build

New single from Little Ashes masters the electronic song structure.


Most artists know that two key parts in a good electronic-based track are the build and the drop, yet so few manage to execute them as expertly or elegantly as Little Ashes. The artist’s latest musical offering, Find The Lost, is a masterclass in how to do an electronic track right.

Opening with little more than a vocal, the track takes its time to build into a slow burner club track (which takes almost a minute and a half) – which is an unusual tact, since most artists want to get the more engaging soundscapes in as fast as possible. Taking his time certainly pays off for Little Ashes though, as the transition between build and drop is perfectly timed and feels much more effective as a result. But as perfect as the track is structurally, it ends quite abruptly. At just under three minutes, this track does manage to cover a lot in a short space of time, but it feels like the euphoric lift that closes the song should have lasted a little bit longer.

Then again, it’s never a bad thing for an artist to leave you wanting more.

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