Giving singer-songwriters a good name

New track from Rhys Lewis is three gloriously emotional minutes of soulful rock.


Singer-songwriters get a bad rap. It’s almost a stigma to identify with the description after a decade where the phrase has become too closely linked with dreary, acoustic guitar-clad individuals churning out generic and gentle radio-friendly unit shifters.

Fortunately, Rhys Lewis is the antidote to that. His latest offering, Waking Up Without You, captures the raw emotion that we’ve all come to associate with the singer-songwriter title, but brings with it a sense of unbridled rock energy and a soulful tinge. For three minutes, every ear is transported into the white hot inferno at the centre of Lewis’ soul as he breaks your heart with a ballad of his own lost love. And in the process, he unleashes a sound bigger than many solo artists are capable of producing – testament to what sets Rhys Lewis apart.

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