A night in the mind of Mr Saxton

Mr Saxton embodies the spirit of late sixties McCartney in new video.


Mr Saxton is the master of lovelorn loneliness. In his previous single, We Can Still Try, he was seen contemplating existence in swimming pools and theatre stages to the sound of psychedelic pop. Now, with his new music video for single 4 in the Morning, Saxton has made it home… but is still contemplating life.

With a visual aesthetic that accurately captures the quasi-psychedelic soundscapes of the single itself, the video captures Saxton — alone, again — at four in the morning. And naturally, what better to do at that time than sing longing songs on a Yamaha keyboard until you begin to sound a bit like late-sixties Paul McCartney? Nothing, obviously, and Saxton delivers a convincing performance. In fact, the video accurately captures a feeling that all night owls and insomniacs will know – the feeling that you are moving faster than the sleeping world around you.

The track itself blends the psychedelic-pop sounds that we have heard from him before with a more dreamlike quality, as if the whole song and sequence is actually just in the mind of a sleeping Saxton. Which is quite possible, given the number of seemingly random retro cartoon footage that make an appearance – as well as the personal touch of vocal samples that actually came from dictophone recordings of Saxton’s siblings.

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