The greatest electroclub track of 2016

Latest video from Sofi Tukker captures eccentricity of recent single.


It’s easy for artists to fall into formation when it comes to EDM, electropop and most sorts of club-pleasing dance-oriented genre. Yet this is where Sofi Tukker set themselves apart from the crowd, dropping an eccentric single that takes the genre to the next level – and giving it a similarly unconventional video for the genre.

Awoo is arguably the most fascinating musical entry into the wide spectrum of club music in recent years. While it does get bass heavy and bring all the kinds of vibes and instrumentation you’d expect, it builds up to that point with a strikingly distinct piano hook and rhythm. Even the typical club-esque part of the track is delivered in a drastically different way.

And with that we get the video, which trades in the tropes of club scenes, atmospheric shots and general night out style for something of a more afternoon drama TV feel. It has a more classy, sophisticated feel to it, while still capturing the feelgood spirit. It’s also choreographed in a way that merges seemingly natural dancing (though clearly choreographed) with deliberately robotic and lifeless performances – almost as if it were mocking the standard “everybody have a good time” video of most artists of this scene. Just one more good point for Sofi Tukker.

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