Cut out music

SIRSY make one of the best music videos we’ve seen in a long time out of cutout paper. Go figure.


In the age of digitisation and easy access to high quality effects, it’s surprisingly interesting when an artist decides to go for more simplistic approaches to artistic music videos. That’s why SIRSY‘s new music video for Thieves, which is made entirely of paper cutouts, is one of the best and most charming music videos we have seen this year.

Of course, that makes it sound far cuter than it is. The art style of the video itself verges on disturbing, as well as some of the cutouts that feature in it, and over the course of three minutes begins to become hypnotically trippy. With that said, the music itself is not as dark as the video. While there is definitely a strong grunge element to the guitars that keep this indie track on the right side of foreboding, the majority of the track is light and easily listenable. It’s a fascinating combination.

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