God Damn deserve everything

The latest album from Grunge Rock duo God Damn is an exciting – and important – series of sounds.


Perhaps Wolverhampton’s most exciting contribution to the world in recorded history, grunge rock revivalist duo God Damn have been consistently and reliably tearing the UK music scene a new one since their debut album Demonstration dropped in 2012. Four years on, their upward momentum shows no signs of stopping on their third, Ross Orton-produced offering Everything Ever, which was released at the end of September.

Crashing out of the gates with chugging, bass-heavy Sing This, the album picks up where their sophomore effort Vultures left off: with gargantuan, fuzzy riffs and distorted screams that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Soundgarden record. It’s quickly followed by the gloriously loud, discordant Ghosts – a track so intense that it makes the breakneck punk of Again Again sound positively bubblegum by comparison.

I’ll Bury You, which despite its deeply un-romantic title is one of the few quieter, ballad-like moments on the album, is the clear standout. It starts as an eccentric, hard rock waltz that soon explodes into a funereal, apocalyptic epic chorus. Elsewhere, Six Wires melds hip-swaying blues guitar with 60s psychedelia, and Fake Prisons is a furious take down of organised religion neatly packaged into a nimble, sub-three minute riff rocker.

In an era bereft of genuine, exciting rock music, God Damn don’t just sound exhilarating – they sound important. That said, leaning so heavily on retro 90s stylings can sometimes feel like a double edged sword: whilst they’re rightly making a name for themselves as torch carriers of heavy, passionate guitar music, you can’t help but worry if they’re being buried under the weight of expectation left by their Sup Pop heroes.

Nevertheless, in the here and now – which is all that matters, ultimately – Everything Ever is a remarkably engaging, consistent listen and it’s hard to remember the last time angst sounded so fun.

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