Epic sounds and dirty beats

New single from Boy Epic is massive-sounding alt-pop.


If your body, mind and spirit are all calling out for some alt-pop that sounds dirty, a little bit sleazy and absolutely huge, then the latest track from Boy Epic is exactly what you need in your life. Dirty Mind will fulfill all of these needs and so much more.

Do not get thrown off by the tension-building but slightly unassuming intro and the atmosphere-setting first verse. For the first thirty seconds, Boy Epic plays the high-risk game of setting tones rather than dropping beats. Those who stay, however, are rewarded with a killer instrumental hook and beats that dip down from sophisticated and seductive to sensual and dirty. Even the chorus vocals themselves play into this feeling with a delivery that sounds like its own spiritual release in its own right.

Alt-pop has never sounded this dirty or this right and, as massive as this track is, there’s inevitably an ever bigger club remix in the pipeline. There has to be.

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