Hard to place, easy to enjoy

New single from Boneage toes line between electropop and indie.


Generally, bands have a pretty good gauge of where there music falls on the musical spectrum. It’s not too often you’ll find a band describe themselves as indie when they’re actually EDM, and vice versa.

Then there’s Boneage, whose new debut single Drown In The Summer is deemed indie by the duo themselves but instead falls more in the electropop camp. With that said, it does toe the line between the two genres – though certainly falls more into electropop than indie, no matter what the guitar tones would have you believe.

Whether you consider it more indie than electropop though, there is no question about the power of the instrumentation or the melody of the vocal. The sultry and emotive voice of Danielle Wild (also apparently known as Bufihimat) plays the perfect counterpart to the sleek sheen of the electronic synthwork, with the occasional input of indie-toned guitars that balance out the organic-meets-electronic conflict of the other core elements. Add into the mix the impressive rise-fall dynamics and it’s a fine debut from an interesting outfit.

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