Overdue but underwhelming

New EP from Filip Lach is good but uneasy listening.


Having spent four years working on the production of it, Filip Lach has finally released Overdue, his two-track debut EP. Individually, the songs are well thought out and composed. However, when together, they appear messy and as if little thought has gone into their back-to-back compatibility. This would work as a single and b-side pairing, but as an EP it’s an unusual and jarring progression.

From the get go, Overdue is perceived as being anticipation building: we are waiting for something to happen musically and within the EP. Despite this, Lach creates an EP that is almost anticlimactic in its feel, something especially prominent in the transition between the two tracks. As Lach immerses us into the EP through the means of Jambon, it is impossible to listen to the hardcore beat without getting hyped up about the energetic track that would follow up and bounce off of the tone created. But when it comes, the move is somewhat confusing. Whilst Jambon sparks interest in its classic EDM style, Con El Diablo is best placed in a market town somewhere in Spain.

Technically, and stylistically, the EP is a mismatched due to the range of musical explorations covered. However, thematically, it could be viewed as being a cultural statement. The contrasting use of tradition and hardcore EDM represents the societal change from staying within the norms to experimentation and breaking boundaries. The use of stylistic juxtaposition by Lach demonstrates his ability to deviate from societal expectations in pursuit of something new and thought-provoking. However, many of us will find that the main thought it provokes is “does this work?”

Opinions are definitely going to be mixed, and I can’t help but feel as though the tracks are an uncomfortable pairing. It’s as if another track is necessary to balance the EP and act as the ‘missing piece’ to the puzzle. Separately, the two track are fine and each are songs that we rate highly. As a pair? Not a match that I would put together.

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