The best of… September 2016

The best new music September 2016 has to offer.


linying-paris-12-cover-artLinying – Paris 12
This is one for the more melancholy, reflective moments of your life. Tender, fragile and graceful, Paris 12 is a siren song that could lead many sailors to their deaths.

Aside from some minimalistic instrumentation towards the climax, Paris 12 very much feels like just Linying’s voice delivering beautiful blows to the heart. Read the full review here.


alpines-heavenAlpines – Heaven
An emotive and passionate track that has a strong end-of-summer-oh-shit-here-comes-winter melancholy about it.

Alpines take a risk with Heaven, taking a firm and bold step forward musically that is distinctly theirs. At the same time, it’s incredibly pop pleasing and radio-friendly that it’s probably set to be the track that makes Alpines. Read the full review here.

miyntMIYNT – Cool
Tucked away at the heart of her recent EP, Cool is the flawless alt-pop gem that makes MIYNT‘s recent studio output so brilliant.

A cool, seductive beat runs through the centre of the track while tastefully funky guitars keep things upbeat and MIYNT delivers a vocal that perfectly balances melody and carefree raspiness. Read the full EP review here.

miniature-tigers-crying-in-the-sunshine-single-artworkMiniature Tigers – Crying in the Sunshine

Crying In The Sunshine has all the hallmarks of a truly brilliant track: it’s not typical indie-pop, but it is just as easily enjoyable.

As Miniature Tigers prove, sometimes it only takes one peculiar instrument line to make a track stand out and wonderfully recognisable. This is the indie gamechanger of mid-2016. Read the full review here.

operation-dankstar-tastic-life-coverOperation Dankstar – Tastic Anthem
With a name like Operation Dankstar, it’s pretty obvious you’re going to get some pretty good, hard-hitting drum and bass. But that’s not all you get.
Tastic Anthem takes the essentials of drum and bass and mixes them up with tender pop and heavy rock. It’s highly eclectic and incredibly infectious. Read the full review here.

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