Something Simple

MY sets out to appease the masses.


The most un-Googleable artist name of the year, MY, has recently released a video for her debut single Invincible. It’s a ‘live’ rendition of the track. There isn’t enough quotation marks in the world to emphasize how un-live it is.

Despite that little hiccup in the title, however, it’s a neat enough little package. A simple three-person set up in a studio with some neon strips placed about to liven the place up a bit. Musically, there’s something very late 90’s/early 2000’s about it. Strains of Goo Goo Dolls and Train can be heard in there, with a bit of a Demi Lovato or pre-pop Taylor Swift, which is inevitable for this kind of track.

It’s all radio friendly enough. Your mum would like it, your dad might love it, and Chris Evans may be told to play it by the management. It’s not hurting you so don’t moan. Simple.

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