Consumerism is king for Brayton Bowman.


It’s fair to say that we’re living in the age of consumerism, with easier access to retail than ever thought possible by your grandfather’s generation. With every big corporate zeitgeist comes a backlash – Dylan’s ‘Masters of War’ against the military-industrial complex, pretty much all early-Marilyn Manson against the manufacturing of celebrity, and now we have Brayton Bowman with What’s Really Good?.

Except where as the previous examples were well-thought out, scathing and angry snipes at the ruinations of their times, Brayton’s track is a hypocritical, bog-standardly produced look toward society’s greed. I say hypocritical because you can tell from the obnoxious artwork and ostentatiously hyperactive dubstep instrumentation that Bowman wouldn’t mind having the lifestyle he’s describing. What’s more, the antagonist of the track, who he repeatedly describes as greedy, false and self-absorbed, is told that when they stop pining after a lifestyle full of life’s finer things Bowman will be there waiting with open arms.

You can be as vapid as you want, just don’t be so bloody obvious about it!

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