Dream-inducing new single from Port of Spain

Heart-warming ballad meets 21st Century pop.


Upon the opening beat and rhythm of latest single Blind, Port of Spain are immediately able to impress audiences with their ethereal vocal tones. By layering up the somewhat juxtaposing angelic vocals against a pop-infused ballad, the contrast of the instrumentation and the meaningful lyrics is a recipe for a song that is hard to stop listening to.

What starts off as a delicate lyrical piece is gradually transformed into something more uplifting. Since neither of the duo are new to the music scene, or industry, it is clear from the plethora of beats that are contrasted with each that they both are musically well-travelled and knowledgeable. It is this complexity in itself that draws interest to Blind by challenging music today.

Perhaps the single title itself adds to the attraction of the song itself by drawing attention to auditory senses rather than the visual. Subsequently, almost subconsciously, our attention hones in on the depth of the song rather than what lies upon the surface.

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