Float with a trippy aesthetic

New video from Jude Shuma is aural acid.


Nothing quite says summer like a trip through drug-induced aesthetics and hallucinogenic landscapes. Of course, that’s an illegal activity so most of us can’t manage to enjoy it – or, rather, can’t openly admit to it. So thank the lord for Jude Shuma and his new single, the triptastic Float.

As if the music wasn’t quite spacially expanding enough, with echo-laden vocals and an acoustic-driven understated melody that is occasionally embellished with reverb for a true psychedelic feel, the accompanying video adds to the overall hazy vibes. Largely featuring Shuma playing acoustic guitar while floating (see what he did there?) in a pool, the visual disturbances and panning cameras complete the psychedelic aesthetic – making for one trip that you can openly tell your friends about.

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