“You are your own secret weapon”

A brief chat with musical duo Secret Weapons.


Fresh off the back of their debut EP, we briefly spoke to Secret Weapons about how it all began, their latest EP, and what comes next.

Could you give us a bit of background about the band and how it all began?
We met in high school math class. Gerry sat in front of me and would constantly turn around to talk about guitars and music. He was kicked out of the class nearly every day. Eventually we ended up in a rock band together as the two guitarists before starting secret weapons. We wrote all night every day for over two years before we released a single song.

Do you consider yourselves a studio band, or a live band?
Both. It’s just the two of us in the studio, but the live show and live energy is one of the most important things to us. We are constantly thinking about both at the same time.

secret weapons interviewWhat’s the songwriting process like for you?
Either one of us comes in with a small piece of an idea – either a lyrical theme, a melody, or a riff. Then we build it from there. We usually work in my apartment, and spmetimes bring in a friend for a fresh ear on the production side. There’s really no rhyme or reason, songs come to us through so many different ways.

You’ve just dropped your debut EP. What’s the reception been so far?
Incredible. We were so happy with how our fans received it, keep in mind we only had one song out for nearly seven months before it dropped and toured quite heavily, so you would see us live and not be able to hear more than a single track afterwards… People were excited to have those live songs in their hands.

Musically, it’s an incredibly varied but pop-pleasing release. Was this a conscious decision?
No. This is just who we are. This is where we live and what we write at the moment. We like a lot of different things. We don’t consciously chose lanes or styles or genres. We’re genuine music lovers in every way and it all flows naturally.

What would you say is your band’s secret weapon?
Us. You are your own secret weapon.

What’s next for you?
Tour with fall out boy, then weezer and Panic, then a one-off Lukas Graham show in NY before Lollapalooza. Then spending August and September finishing our full length before heavy fall touring.

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