Drowned In Sound

Kelsey Lu’s new video takes us to the deepest depths.


Every so often a music video is made that weighs so heavy on the chest and throat it feels as if you’re drowning. It’s appropriate then that Kelsey Lu’s video for her new track Empathy takes us beneath the waves for the experience. Little Mermaid this is not – Director Griffin Frazen counterpoints Lu’s minimal string-driven lament with the image of the female form contorting and sprouting fauna in an almost Cronenburg like fashion.

The pulsating flesh gives way to an otherworldly collection of anemones and coral; a nice counterpoint to the initial image, if not somewhat generically beautiful. Compiling all these images coupled with the grayed-out aesthetic creates something melancholically gorgeous, and slightly reminiscent of Scott Walker’s Tilt period.

The only problem with this track is it’s too short. It’s one of those rare occasions where you want something to double, maybe even triple in length. If Kelsey Lu carries on with this sort of songwriting she could end up with some truly fantastic albums.

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