A delectable debut

LA Rockers Rafferty drop a killer debut single.


Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bhasker, Apple Pie is the first release by the Los Angeles rockers Rafferty. Prior to its general release last month, the track was picked up by Apple for use in their iPhone 6 launch, and the track has gone on to become the most used song in any of their marketing campaigns – not bad exposure for a debut single!

Though it’s not hard to see why the track proved popular – it’s a catchy, bluesy little number, based around a lively hand clap rhythm and a soulful vocal performance with hints of The White Stripes, or early Kings of Leon at their rowdiest. And that’s before the track even fully kicks in: once it does, you’re greeted with bone crunching guitars, a classic Doors-y organ line and infectious whooping and hollering vocals that’ll make you dive for the ‘repeat’ button.

If Rafferty can build on this winning formula for their next release, we could well have just been introduced to the heirs of the southern rock throne.

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