Roll up, roll up for Lola Blanc

All the fun of a carnival in one melodious song.


Few songs are ever really true to their title, which makes it far more impressive when an artist is able to make the connection. Lola Blanc‘s latest single, The Magic, is certainly able to conjure up a sense of mystery, tension and fun. By gradually layering up the prominence of horns and an admirable drum beat on an initial piano solo, Blanc moves the song away from something that would feature in the beginning of a horror film, to something more in the midst of the action.

Consequently, this build up of sounds ultimately creates an atmosphere reminiscent of that of a carnival or haunted house. Likewise, the pre-chorus acts as a transitional harmony into the delightfully infectious hook of the chorus, fitting right into the fun-filled essence of the single.

Throughout the track, the theme of magic is overt, adding to the mysterious element that Blanc evidently set out to achieve. With refrains such as “I want to believe in the magic“, listeners are left pondering as to whether Blanc means something more than meets the eye (or ear, which is what music typically aims for).

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