A return to form for Bad Suns

Latest single sees a leaner and meaner indie-rock outfit.


Disappear Here is the first release from Californian indie rockers Bad Suns since their first full length, 2014’s Language and Perspective – a fully formed, successful debut by any measure. Garnering praise for its effortlessly vintage, 80s-indebted sound, the debut landing the band high profile slots on the all-important taste-making US chat shows Conan and Kimmel.

Serving as both the upcoming follow-up album’s title track and lead single, Disappear Here is essentially more of the same but with the fat trimmed; a leaner, more confident take on their new wave-tinted indie. Fans will be delighted to hear that the bubbling keys, military-grade drumming and searing post-punk guitars are all out in full effect, with frontman Christo Bowman’s vocals staying restrained in the verses before erupting into a fully-fledged angst-ridden Robert Smith bellow in the track’s explosive chorus.

It’s a great, no nonsense re-introduction to one of 2014’s most promising bands, but we’ll have to wait until September to see if Bad Suns manage to carry their momentum forward and become the superstars they were pegged to be on their first go around.

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