If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Yet another dance-ridden melody.


Luxley is able to consistently create glorious synth-loaded pieces with a rock edge. As we would expect, it is safe to say that his latest single Mirrors lives up to this sound, and its title, by mirroring his previous releases – something that can only be successful.

Like a well formulated recipe, Luxley combines synth tones with a juxtaposing climatic percussion as a way of producing a positively upbeat single, capable of inspiring rhythmic thoughts in even the blandest individual.
Subsequently, it is the fusion of both electronic and rock influences that makes the single so captivating. By uniting two genres that, on the surface, seem disconnected, Luxley is able to establish himself against the backdrop of clearly defined musical boundaries. Perhaps unintentionally, this innovation shows his creativity, placing him at the forefront of postmodern music today.

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