Talentless by name, talented by nature

A stunning debut from the newly formed soft rock outfit.


The Talentless is an indie rock project formed and led by Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Rob Bennett. After spending years tirelessly promoting his music in just about any and every possible location around the city’s music scene, Bennett understandably felt burnt out and jaded with the process, as if he had exhausted this particular musical strategy. The sprawling city he had immersed himself in, and which had inspired so much of his output, seemingly had little left to give. With that, he retreated to the solitude of his own home, with his garage – historically the wellspring of so much rock ‘n’ roll magic – becoming his creative base.

This self-imposed solipsism proved to be a worthwhile endeavour, and he emerged from the sessions with a batch of formidable pop rock tracks – whose live performance necessitated the forming of a fully-fledged band, dubbed The Talentless – including the bombastic, piano-led debut single Mr. Losemore.

The song – part tribute, part tragic biography – tells the poignant story of the titular Andy Losemore, a man Bennett came into contact with during a stint as a disability worker, whose life was forever changed for the worse when he stumbled into oncoming traffic. Bennett’s distinctive, emotive voice details the trials of making peace with a life marred by devastating circumstance, as the music builds on a bed of strings and ringing piano chords that recalls the mid-noughties soft rock of The Fray and Cold War Kids, albeit with added sombre theatricality.

As an opening statement, it’s a bold gesture (lyrically, at least) and we’re anxious to see if the newly christened band can deliver on that same ambition on their upcoming full length release.

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