An indie-electro whirlpool

New single from Zola Blood engulfs and swallows.


There’s a very clear distinction between the swirling engulfment that can happen from listing to electro music and the isolating whirlpool of indie shoegaze guitars. Yet with that said, one band has whipped up a storm that has moved that line into brand new territory. With that, Zola Blood‘s new single Heartbeat has changed the way I think about things.

Combining the constant sound of plucked guitars with a melodious semi-falsetto vocal, a discretely muscular rhythm section and an array of perfectly tuned electro sounds, Heartbeat is like Years and Years with a little more mellowness. The outcome is a sound that secludes you rather than isolates you; wrapping itself around you in a world of chill where all you hear is heartbeat and all you need is Zola Blood.

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