Vocal house that hits the mark

Dzasko and Tom Ven come together for solid second single.


Peruvian DJ Dzasko and Hardwell-championed, Dutch-born producer Tom Ven have come together their second single, Keep Breathing.

On paper, the duo is a promising meld of talent. Their first offering, Conquer, was released at the end of 2015 and turned out to be a smooth, trance-indebted piece of vocal house that, whilst frustratingly safe creatively, proved this particular pairing had the potential for big things.

Anxious fans may, then, be happy to hear that Keep Breathing is an altogether livelier affair – one that glides along on a massive chest-rattling, pulsating beat offset with gentle, euphoric synth figures. They’ve obviously aimed to craft a summer anthem with this track, and once the uplifting drop hits it’s hard to say they failed. And whilst – as on the majority of dance tracks – the beat is undoubtedly sovereign, they’ve also avoided the pitfall that makes so many house tracks unremarkable: far from being a vocal line simply grafted onto a house beat, this is a legitimately memorable song in its own right, a cause that’s further helped by a solid male vocal performance.

Keep Breathing ultimately makes good on the promise hinted at by their first release, and with summer only just beginning it’d be a shame if it doesn’t end up being blasted out in clubs and at festivals in the coming months.

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