God Damn strike again

Powerhouse noise-rockers are back with new single and video.


In what appears to be the latest addition to our series on “music videos that take our loathed performance piece style and use it in a way that impresses us” (title subject to change), noise-rock outfit God Damn have returned from the post-debut ether with the intense video for new single Ghost.

The spirit of God Damn has always been to take the frayed edges of what is commercially acceptable in the rock world (which is to say, the heaviest shit possible) and strangle it into a style that even non-rock fans can get down with. Ghost is no different, with the tidal waves of fuzzy guitars crashing down upon the waterproof melodies for a track that packs a punch you’ll smile about afterwards.

And the video is – you’ll never guess – a performance piece. But in true God Damn fashion, its dimly lit and intense so you never really clock onto it. Even if you did, it wouldn’t matter – the song sweeps you up so quickly and completely that you won’t mind.

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