God Damn – ‘Vultures’ Album Review

Stunning debut mixes primal power with fragile beauty

11140028_873948869306801_5762835291064582075_nSounds like: Pure powerful noise; Gallows; Pure Love; Marilyn Manson
Listen to: ‘By the Wayside’; ‘Deadpan Riot’; ‘Skeletons’

God Damn’s debut album ‘Vultures’ has finally dropped, and their ferocious brand of noise rock is as powerful and ear-busting as ever.

While the album may open (properly) with the primal pounding and vicious vocals of ‘When The Wind Blows’, this album throws a few curveballs to those who were expecting a raw wall of sound from start to finish. Though the majority of the album is made up of the usual audio onslaught, from the very Frank Carter ‘Silver Spooned’ to the remarkably noisepop ‘By The Wayside’, it does find space to experiment.

Like the nine-minute-long ‘Skeletons’. It spends its first two minutes being acoustic-led and vulnerable, as if the band had peeled back the noisy flesh of their sound and exposed the bare bones* underneath, before exploding back into raw noise. But for anybody intrigued by this acoustic angle, it’s fully realised on closing track ‘Sullen Fun’.

‘Vultures’ finds God Damn being very true to their brutally raw sound while also toying around with a few variations of it. And it’s these moments, where the band break out the acoustic guitars and slip into a gentler vein, that have the biggest impact.

You can buy ‘Vultures’ here.

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