TempleVesta – ‘Juvenile’ Review

Confident alt-rock with a twist of funk

templevestaSounds like: Miles Kane; Kasabian; Arctic Monkeys (AM period)

Coming in strong on an alt-rock guitar hook is ‘Juvenile’, the debut single from Birmingham band TempleVesta.

‘Juvenile’ is a track that fits into that reportedly dead genre of guitar music, and it does so by bending genres into one coherent sound that isn’t too alien to enjoy. An overdriven guitar hook leads the charge, but the verses are where the interesting guitarwork comes into play. In one ear we have a lead rock riff, and in the other we get the subtle bubbling of some funky guitar tones.

It’s a great debut that defies the expectations of being “just another alt-rock band“. While this song definitely lies in the alternative camp with its intense guitar leads and confident vocal delivery, the funk element shows there is more to TempleVesta than that. All we need now is for TempleVesta to embrace their inner funk a little more.

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