Kobadelta – ‘Open Visions’ EP Review

A sinister shroud of desert-rock intensity


Sounds like: Queens Of The Stone Age; Jim Morrison; Echo & The Bunnymen
Listen to: ‘Watch What You’re Doing’; ‘Black Pyramid’

As they arrive at their third EP, Kobadelta are showing no signs of losing their talent for writing powerful tracks.

‘Open Visions’ is full of the monstrous desert-rock which we’ve praised them for in the past, this time with a much darker tint. The whole EP is imbued with an unnaturally natural darkness, which seeps from every pound of the vicious drums and breath of the Jim Morrison-esque vocals. If you could soundtrack the fevered nightmares of Jim Morrison, this would be it.

This makes for some very interesting sounds. Opener ‘Even The Odds’ takes the intensity of thrash and puts a neo-psychedelic, desert-rock spin on things. As the song hits the two minute mark, a clean hook cuts through the mix in a moment of welcomed contrast. The same appears in ‘Watch What You’re Doing’ with a shimmering hook lurking in the mix, shining through during the chorus.

Every track on the EP sounds brutal and sinister, but no matter how dark the material gets there is a glimmer of pop somewhere. It’s a testament to the ability of Kobadelta to maintain a sense of mainstream appeal in a musical style that is so typically underground.

Kobadelta and their sinister shroud of sound can only get bigger from here.

You can buy the EP here.

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