Pretend Happy – ‘Mood Swings’ EP Review

Emo’s festering remains, revived… sadly & badly.

a2198421185_10Sounds like: The ghost of Emo past
Listen to: ‘Lucky’

The golden age of emo may have passed, but that doesn’t stop Pretend Happy from harnessing the sound on their recent ‘Mood Swings’ EP.

Unfortunately, unlike artists spearheading a 80’s-electro revival, some genres are better left untouched. With emo being a genre that was media-dubbed in the first place, the alternative music scene has just moved on and left that period behind. So when Pretend Happy bring it back, they risk creating something completely unremarkable.

As it stands, ‘Mood Swings’ narrowly avoid this. With enough grunge and heavy rock vibes to not fall ill of emo, it has its moments of greatness such as rock powerhouse ‘Lucky’. But on a whole, the EP feels a little raw and unpolished with little to keep you hooked. It feels like it could be so much more if the vocals were a little more smoothed. While there’s a spark of something worth listening to, the production value stands in the way.

The band are recording an album this summer. Hopefully it’ll be a more well-rounded exerience than this EP. You can listen to the EP here.

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