LORIS – ‘Crazy’ Review

Dreamy ambience and driving pop mix for a solid single

artworks-000116118368-0ua2ww-t500x500Sounds like: Years & Years; CHVRCHES

LORIS have quite a bit of hype about them. They’ve done well at gathering critical acclaim since their first single dropped in 2013, and newest single ‘Crazy’ shows that it’s fully deserved.

No lazy comparison to other artists does justice to the sound of LORIS (though fans of Years & Years should definitely give them a listen). Layers of poppy electronic sounds mix together for a perfect backdrop to the strong melodic voice of frontwoman Frances, striking a perfect balance between a dreamy ambient feel and driving pop vibes. Frances’ voice gels all the style variations together, capable of providing some beautiful melody hooks to the track.

Not that the style variations are too crazy. The steady dreampop verses evolve as the drums gradually pick up steam, with the payoff coming in the form of a massive chorus that is heavily electropop but with a dreamy underside.

Big things are expected from LORIS in 2015, and ‘Crazy’ confirms that the band won’t disappoint.

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