Mr Saxton gets wet in new video

Psychedelia-washed pop from a pool-soaked star.


If you’re a big fan of sitting alone and contemplating life’s infinite mystery, or your own turmultous love life, then Mr Saxton is on your level. This brand new video for his track We Can Still Try delivers exactly that, as Saxton finds himself venturing around swimming pools and theatre stages – alone in the wake of love.

Musically, Saxton channels a very Beatles-esque sound. With sunkissed and subdued psychedelic melancholy, all condensed into a pop song format, it’s hard to think of any closer comparison than Lennon himself. The video, directed by our good friend Callum Scott-Dyson of CSD Videography, perfectly captures the mood and feeling of a post-love world. As Mr Saxton wanders through the settings of traditional joyfulness and finds them devoid of life, it’s an apt metaphor for the empty feeling of life after love. Saxton plays the part wonderfully, convincingly alone and vulnerable.

You can experience the feels for yourself below. Alternatively, you can download the track from Mr Saxton’s bandcamp page.

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