Pass away the nights with Colourwaves

New EP radiates with chilled darkness.


As expected by the name, Colourwaves‘ new EP Moon Window radiates a sense of chill darkness, something fitting for passing the nights away. Thanks to the electro-indie feel of the record, Colourwaves has you imagining yourself road tripping with friends without a single care in the world.

Collectively, the EP consists of a complementary blend of electronic tempo and indie shoegaze flavour. In due course, this allows itself to leave its presence long after it’s over thanks to this unique pairing of beats and melodies. What’s also noticeable throughout is the production that has gone into ‘Moon Window’. Indeed, by relying on the use of small electronic touches, as a listener, you are somehow transported into the future of utopia and bliss. Likewise, it really is something that will have you imagining yourself to be part of a future-based video game. Pass the hover board, anyone?

Lead single Nightboat feeds this eclectic tone, creating an ambiance of youth and a carefree musical attitude. At stated by The Line of Best Fit, “it has a balmy vibe with lo-fi atmospheric synths and woozy lush verb”, lifting you out of this world and into the realms of another. Colourwaves has managed to create a distinctly unique name for himself, using electronic overlays to contrast with the manufactured sounds of mainstream culture. For those of you who are fans of MGMT and the indietronic genre in general, then this is bound to be right up your street.

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