Wooly Thumper

WDL soothes with his new ambient crooner ‘Cashmere’.


Nothing says brave like releasing a slow and introspective track as a single, but I think WDL may have managed to pull it off with his Roads-featuring cut Cashmere. The track comes as the last single from his album No Wings Airline ahead of its release in June.

The track itself comes as something of an oddity. First impressions suggest a producer who is very much in a crowd with his contemporaries; the melody seems pretty standard, and the samples on the chorus follow the trend that has leaked though from 2006 hip-hop production. The saving grace for this track is definitely the sound pallet WDL utilises. It sounds like late 90s Moby teaming up with composer Junkie XL. Thick, fuzzy bass sits under tramping piano for the majority of the track before giving way to a great cinematic crescendo of brassy drones – a conclusion that’s actually quite gorgeous. If only all producers could move out of their comfort zone this often.

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