Krychek drops first music video

A stunning debut music video so good VEVO won’t let us share it.


It’s never been a secret that we’ve been huge fans of Krychek, who we’ve repeatedly hailed as being one of electrorock’s hottest rising stars. After a lot of musical teasings this year, the man himself has dropped his first music video – for the phenomenal All That Is Me.

The track, which was one of the (many) stand-outs from his debut self-titled album, is an intense soundscape of 80s-throwback electropop entwined with faintly Nine Inch Nails-esque flourishes, all delivered alongside relentless drums and guitars. But for as good as the track is, the video is so much better. Never one to follow fashion, Krychek’s first music video takes typical performance pieces and digitalises them. The end results is a meshy extravaganza of pulsating and futuristic matrixes.

As VEVO is a horrendous spoilsport and doesn’t seem to want us to embed the video, you can view Krychek’s debut music video here.

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