Amanda Merdzan Glows in new video

New music video explores light and dark.


Australian born singer-songwriter and producer Amanda Merdzan is on the brink of releasing single two, Glow, from her second EP. This is the follow up to the recent success of Matter. Amanda has chosen to take her music in a different direction and test the realms of electronic music this time around, resulting in a track that is chilled out and soothing to the soul.

From the offset this is a visually pleasing video depicting the tone of the lyrics throughout. The gentle and ethereal vocal style connects with the angelic symbols of light and the eerie harmonies tie in with the dark shadowed effects. The uncomplicated video portrays a theme of light and dark. The glimmers of light give insight into the emotions behind the lyrics, and as the song builds the light brightens and we see more of the artist’s image. The blurry and smokey shots towards the bridge section create a mellow mood to complement the lyrics. It’s a video that lives up to its name.

Amanda Merdzan – Glow (Official Music Video) from Amanda Merdzan on Vimeo.

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