Amanda Merdzan – ‘Matter’

Emotionally tense dreampop


Amanda Merdzan’s latest single ‘Matter’ is a great piece of smooth, spacey electropop with a blissfully chilled out feel to it. It’s some wonderfully crafted dreampop that puts Merdzan in a fantastic position ahead of her EP release next year.

‘Matter’ keeps the balance between being delightfully chilled and emotionally tense, juggling the two feelings throughout and delivering a coherent sound in the process. Lyrically and vocally emotional, the music manages to remain very neutral in the mix – aside from the sombre string opening it doesn’t make you feel any particular way, except for relaxed. It’s a very nice touch, a welcome shift from happy-sad/sad-sad lyrical-musical combinations.

Above all else, ‘Matter’ allows Merdzan to establish herself as a beautiful vocalist. The vocals are just the right shades of emotional and pure that it crystallises onto the chilled out synths in a fantastic way that has a sweeping effect on the listener. You’re washed away in this wave of relaxing purity, and you enjoy every second.

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