Peacock Affect – ‘Painting Pictures of a Neverending Mess’

Mirror Peacock Affect photo2
Remember last time we reviewed Peacock Affect and we described it as being hugely angsty and melancholy? Well, George Holman has upped his own game with ‘Painting Pictures of a Neverending Mess’. Because, as you may have got from the ever-so-cheery title, this track takes it to a new emotional low.

Spoken word for the most part, but with the most tender sung vocal for the final part, ‘Painting Pictures…’ is a deeply personal and emotional piece that speaks of heartfelt sincerity. It’s a very indie cliché to reach for the woe-is-me level of emotion and vulnerability that we get here, but the difference is that it’s done and delivered so beautifully that it can’t not be honest.

Peacock Affect beautifully  captures the fragility of an existential crisis, delivers it on a wonderfully crafted array of melodies and in a beaten vocal that pluck at heartstrings in all the right ways. It’s a difficult listen; feeling like you’re hearing the constant shattering of somebody’s life. Made even more difficult because it’s so damn enjoyable.

The single is released Sept 16. It’ll form part of Peacock Affect’s ‘Image 27’ EP, released October 15.


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