Video: Tussk – ‘Missionary Impossible’

More than just a fantastic title, Tussk’s latest track ‘Missionary Impossible’ is a brutal assault on the sense, with a video that is confusingly intense.

Playing backdrop to the intense rhythms and high-octane riffs, the video for ‘Missionary Impossible’ doesn’t contain any of what you may have imagined it would. In fact, it’s actually kinda tame. There’s a disclosure thing at the beginning that, to be honest, feels awfully unwarranted when the bulk of the video is the band gathered round a table doing stupid tasks.

I use stupid loosely, since one of those tasks seems to be shots of Fireball whisky. Which is nothing compared to my university experience (never thought that I’d utilise that memory).

It’s a pretty amusing video though, particularly when the band break out the melons. And it’s a nice contrast to the hardcore scenes that happen when the band cut to their performance shots.

EDIT: Apparently the shots were Tabasco and Cod Liver Oil… mildly worse than Fireball whisky!


  1. Johnathon Crane

    Haha thats a great video, I’m assuming the bit at the beginning was a tongue in cheek disclaimer

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