Unpredictable EDM from Macifif

Inspirational and gripping from start to finish.


In a world where all we seem to hear is predictable tracks, especially in the EDM scene, Macifif brings something completely different to the table with new levels of unpredictability. His new track Back Home is just the type of inspirational song you need to start your day and get you motivated.

With a beautiful piano backing throughout, Macifif also utilises different effects and white noise to keep the listeners interested throughout the seven-minute track. Macifif, real name Maximiliano Silva, grips you from start to finish. The track builds to a crescendo of percussion and synths, before Macifif delivers a fantastic sounding trumpet into the mix to make Back Home even better. The track starts unbelievably, and ends the same way.

We strongly recommend everybody reading this stops what they are doing and listens to this track now – which you can do below, or by downloading the track for free from Macifif’s Soundcloud.

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