The Assist get good

The Assist’s newest single is an indie-rock classic.


When a band is all set to drop an EP, it makes sense for them to build as much hype as possible in the lead up to it. The Assist have been doing this for some time, with previous single Nyabinghi being a breathtakingly engaging change of pace for the indie-rock outfit.

But any impressions left by that single will be, again, dispelled with latest single Things Get Good. Channeling a solid quasi-seventies post-punk indie sound, the track sees something of a return to The Assist sound of old. One of the things that made the band’s first EP so interesting was their mid-song musical transitions – in many ways, the band constructed short indie-pop numbers with classical-esque movements.

That structural approach returns in this single, with a funked up indie sound that shifts into an enlightening bout of balladry by way of a multitude of other sounds. It’s easily the band’s most ambitious track to date, seeing them shatter expectations numerous times in three minutes. If ever there was a way to drum up hype for an EP, this is it.

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